Natural Naturist Massage Birmingham, Warwickshire and The Midlands Fees

After you have made an appointment with me for Natural Naturist Massage, I ask you to confirm your booking with me the day before. Once you are here I will welcome you into my Special Tranquil Therapy Room, here you will feel calm with low lights soft music and a very relaxing atmosphere.

There is a bathroom to freshen up in, and if you would like a short shower before your massage or afterwards you are very welcome to have one..

Next we will have a short chat to find out about your Natural Naturist Massage expectations and desires, once we are both happy, payment is made and then we can get into the serious business of relaxation.

Within a very short time you will be experiencing a completely relaxing and sensual feeling throughout your body, surrounded by soft light and gentle relaxing music and the pleasing aromas from the oils. You can now begin to let go and feel safe in the knowledge that I am very experienced and will take care of everything. It is possible that you may be a little shy at first, but that will be quickly overcome as I will be doing everything to make you feel totally comfortable and completely at ease! I am friendly but professional and business like, I will always show you respect and naturally expect the same return!

My Fees

Natural Naturist Massage appointments are a minimum of 1 hour, I offer a full 1 hour all over naturist massage or for the very best effect you can really treat yourself with my 90 minutes all over naturist massage. The style of massage is similar in each case you simply get more time for your total relaxation. If you are short of time, the 1 hour experience is a great pick me up, but a full body naturist massage is more beneficial with the longer time of 90 minutes are always better.

One Hour _ _ _ _ _ £70.00

90 Minutes _ _ _ _ _ £100.00

Lingham Massage

One Hour _ _ _ _ _ £100.00

90 Minutes _ _ _ _ _ £130.00

Some same day appointments are available, but an advance booking is always the best way to avoid being disappointed.